Our Distribution Network

We provide integrated solutions with our authorized partners,
an essential network to reach all customers in Indonesia.

Distribution Network

Our Marketing and Sales Team will provide product details, while our Customer Service will inform you about logistics and dealer network.

Our Authorized Dealers keep daily contact with customers for all business matters, from urgent shipments to service calls or new projects. This distribution network assures a competent, compliant, fast and professional support in all Indonesian provinces, from Aceh to Papua.

Here a list our major Authorized Dealers. They distribute our IvD product exclusively in their respective area, but many offer additional product ranges for other health-care demands. Please contacts them directly, or contact us in case your area or need is not covered:

Medan - Sumatra Utara, NAD: Anugerah Rejeki Bersama Indonesia
Medan - Sumatra Utara, NAD: Bukit Hijau Permata
Dumai - Riau: Tampoer Utama
Padang - Sumatra Barat: Multi Sarana Laboratorium
Palembang - Sumatra Selatan: Asido Bima
Palembang - Sumatra Selatan: Hotama Mediphar
Bangka Belitung - Sumatra Selatan: Hotama Mediphar
Bengkulu - Inti Medika Sentosa
Lampung - Lampung: IRBI Pratama
Jakarta - JaBoDeTaBek: Prima Arya Sembada
Jakarta - JaBoDeTaBek: Dian Trikarsa
Jakarta - JaBoDeTaBek: Faiz Sejahtera
Jakarta - JaBoDeTaBek: Bina Sukses Medika
Bandung - Jawa Barat: Laksana Abadi Mandiri
Bandung - Jawa Barat: Muara Sakti
Semarang - Jawa Tengah: Karsa Insan Persada
Surakarta - Jawa Tengah: Kali Rejo Makmur
Yogyakarta - Jawa Tengah:Alfa Kimia
Surabaya - Jawa Timur: Syahid Husada Medika
Surabaya - Jawa Timur, NTB/NTT, Timor Barat
Denpasar - Bali, NTB, Timur Barat : Surya Bali Makmur
- Kalimantan Barat: Omega Mulia Sukses
Banjamarsin - Kalimantan Selatan: Praditha Sejahtera Jaya
Samarinda - Kalimantan Tengah: Praditha Sejahtera Jaya
Balikpapan - Kalimantan Timur: Inanta Cipta Mandiri
Makassar - Sulawesi Selatan: Ridho Agung Utama 
Makassar - Sulawesi Tengah & Selatan, NTT:  Multi Niaga Medika
Ternate - Maluku Utara: Bakti Agung Amanah
- Sulawesi Utara: Trinity Sukses
Sorong - Papua Barat: Kasih Karunia Kekal
- Papua: Kasih Karunia Kekal
Merauke - Papua: Andhini Papua Bersama

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