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Medonic 3-Differential Hematology Analyzer

      Medonic M32 Hematology Analyzer     

ELITech Clinical Chemistry 

Selectra ProM Touchscreen

The brandnew Medonic M32 series of 3-Differential hematology analyzer
Series was updated in Jan 2017:

Now with:

► 22 Parameter including: 
P-LCC and PDW %

► PLT extended count <50x109/L 

Available in Indonesia !

The next generation user interface:

Selectra TOUCHpro software
smart * effortless * compliant

Trouble-free results
laboratories can trust and trace!

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Current Job Vacancies:

MRK Diagnostics is one of the largest IVD companies in Indonesia with strong growth rates in all provinces.

We are constantly looking for skilled and highly motivated staff in the diagnostics and medical field.

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We look for staff with minimum 2 years expereince in related industries:

► Marketing Manager (Jkt)

► Key Account / Area Managerr (Jkt, JaTim)

► Warehouse and Admin Staff (Jkt)

► Application Specialist - Analist Medis
     (Sulawesi, Sumatra) 

► Medical Service Engineer (ATEM)r

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