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MRK Diagnostics focuses on one aim: Assuring that the laboratories of our customers produce reliable, high quality results. Patient after patient, day after day...

To assure perfect clinical results, it is not sufficient to supply great products, especially in a tropical and vast country like Indonesia. The cool-good supply chain must be perfect, routine instrument maintenance demands knowledge and original parts, and the training of laboratory staff requires years of experience. Our teams and distribution partners deliver all this !

Even fully automatic analyzers produce correct results only if products, people and processes are well organized and skills honed. That is why many years of experience are built into our trainings, the routines of our engineers and our popular documents like instrument SOP's.

Aside from our technical and application service, we also offer a Key Account Management that jointly analyzes the individual needs with each client, from instrument requirements, logistics, staff training to invoicing and key-account reporting.

We will tailor a solution just for your needs - please contact us for a discussion.

Our Key Account Management includes:

  • Tailor-made customer solutions
  • Forecast management & consignment inventory
  • Technical Service Hotline 24/7
  • Logistic solutions, including for remote areas
  • Instrument upgrades, trade-in and back-ups
  • Regular staff education and certification
  • Nationwide contracts for multiple locations

There is no one-size-fits-all in the In-vitro Diagnostic business. Every customer has it's own needs, requirements and preferences. Especially in a tropical and large country like Indonesia.

Contact us: We will accomodate your specific needs.

Key Account Managment MRK Diagnostics

Our Technical Services include:

  • More than 50 certified technician with MedTech background (ATEM) and international training
  • Thousands of original spare parts show a multi-billion Rupiah commitment to our customers
  • Technical Service Hotline 24/7 for emergencies
  • Back-up instruments & preventive maintenance contracts to improve results, reduce down times

    Annual Kits : ELITech ProActive Maintenance

Manufacturer issued Training Certificates


Our IVD4U Training Modules include:

  • Detailed and proven Standard Operating Procedures for all our instruments and reagents
  • Trouble Shooting Guides
  • Joint practical and theoretical education at Medical Analyst schools, POLTEKKES.
  • In-house trainings for user on applications, software, result verification and preventive maintenance,. These tailor-made classes last 1-10 days for beginners and advanced users.
  • Internal training courses for authorized dealer service and application staff, lasting 2 to10 days

All our documents are obviously in Bahasa Indonesia... and available for users free of charge.

SOP Microlab 300

Benchtop instruments such as the Microlab, the Medonic 3-Differential Hematology Analyzer or the SmartLyte ISE analyzer can be maintained and calibrated on-site or in-house in 24 hours, while our staff is ready to visit larger units anywhere in Indonesia within 48 hours.  
We keep your lab operating 24/7.

Service Hotline :0822 60600 530
Service Email :   service[at]

For cleaning procedures, we recommend to use our LabPro line of cleaning solutions regularly as per instrument SOP guidelines. We are pleased to provide you personal copies.

LabPro Cleaning Solutions

We are ready to help and service your laboratory. Contact us

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