High Quality IVD Equipment And Reagents

Selectra Pro Analyzer Series

MRK Diagnostics is the exclusive importer and distributor for leading international In-vitro Diagnostic manufacturers and brands:

  • Clinical Chemistry:     ELITech Group  *  Selectra-Pro Series  *  Microlab Series
                                            Ortho Clinical Diagnostics * Vitros Dry Chemistry Series
  • Electrolyte Analysis:  Diamond Diagnostics
  • Hematology:                 Boule Medical  *  Medonic  *  Omega Diagnostics
  • ImmunoHematology:  Ortho Clinical Diagnostics for Bloodbanks & Transfusion Centers
  • Immunology & Serology:   Ortho Clinical Diagnostics * Vitros Immunology Series
                                              Omega Diagnostics
      *  CNS Genesis Diagnostics
  • Urine Analysis:              Macherey Nagel   *  Uryxxon Series
  • Food Sensitivity & Allergy:    Omega Goup  *  Cambridge Nutritional Sciences

All our products conform to the highest international IVD-standards, such as CE-Mark or USA-CDC or FDA approval. Our products are also registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and used by thousands of Indonesian customers since many years.

Among our international suppliers are: 

ELITech Group

Medonic Hematology


Omega Diagnostics Group

Macherey Nagel Urine Testing

ELITech Clinical Systems

Boule Medical Hematology


Genesis Diagnostics ELISA Testing

LabPro Cleaning Solutions

CDS Hematology Reagents

Among our product lines are:

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical Chemistry

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is a global leader of in vitro diagnostics serving the global clinical laboratory and immuno-hematology communities.

Across hospitals, blood banks,
and labs in more than 120 countries, Ortho’s high-quality products and services enable healthcare professionals to make better-informed treatment decisions.

Ortho’s purpose is to improve and save lives with diagnostics and it does that by reimagining what’s possible. This is what has defined Ortho for more than 75 years, and it’s what drives Ortho forward.

Automation in IH: From Evolution
to Revolution

In an effort to resolve safety concerns and establish laboratory efficiencies, transfusion medicine has moved from a manual to an automated industry. While vast improvements have been realized,    today’s automation is still rigid and lacks the ability to anticipate and respond to individual user needs and ever-changing conditions within the laboratory.

Responsive Automation provides unprecedented safety checks and balances for control and confidence in every result as well as unmatched customization to prioritize when it matters most..

 Ortho Vision© and Vision Max©
ImmunoHematology Analyzer

Ortho Vision ImmunoHematology Analyzer

ClinChem Analyzer


Microlab 300 online available :

eKatalog : Klik disini

The leading semi-automatic
clinical chemistry photometer:

Only the Microlab uses a
high-precision, low-maintenance bellows pump!

No regular peristaltic tube changes requiring instrument calibration!

Microlab 300LX
Microlab 300
Microlab 300 LDMS+

Optional now with our
Windows LDMS Software:
Automatically upload and manage all patient results in Windows©:
Print patient reports, review historic data, combine multiple instrument results.


ELITech BV, Netherlands


Microlab 300 semiautomatic photometer
Microlab 300

Trade-in units - Tukar tambah:
MRK Diagnostics offer to trade in every instrument from our principals, no matter in which condition.
We can refurbish and sell it on your behalf, or we offer to trade it against a brand new unit with an attractive credit for the trade-in instrument.
100% Manufacturer certified service with 6 month certified warranty.

Servis resmi bukan ketok magic...

Please contact us if you want to buy or sell used Medonic, Microlab or Selectra instruments : MRK Diagnostics orders

Refurbished with 100% warranty

Selectra© Pro-Series

Fully Automated
ClinChem Analyzer

The worlds first and leading manufacturer of open
Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

 Selectra ProXS (75 test/hr)
Selectra ProS
(133 test/hr)
Selectra ProM
(266 test/hr)
Selectra ProXL
(400 test/hr)

Enjoy the new convenience with the 4th generation Selectra Pro-Series. Fully LIS-ready!

Selectra Pro-Series: Selectra ProM Analyzer
Selectra ProM Touchpro

Clinical Chemistry





ELITech is a leading, high quality
manufacturer from France that
produces Clinical Chemsitry
reagents since many years.

The product range includes dedicated
reagents for the Selectra-Series,
as well as open reagents for
the Microlab or any other system
in the market.
Ask for samples to try our high-quality,
liquid and stable reagents.


ECS reagents
ELITech Clinical System

High quality, liquid & stable

3-Diff Hematology


Medonic M16S now online available:

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Europe's Hematology Pioneer since more than 50 years:

M16/20 TFT base model
M16/20MPA Micro Pipette Adapter
M16/20C Closed tube & MPA
M16/20S Autoloader& MPA

The unique Micropipette Adaptor (MPA) offers blood analysis via a finger prick, ideal for babies or to keep the vein for blood donation.

The Autoloader is the only 3-Differential Analyzer with fully automatic sampling and PSID scanning, saving labor cost and time for other lab work.



Medonic Autoloader 3-Differential Hematology Analyzer

Medonic M-Series
3-Differntial Autoloader: ideal for BPJS, saving time and money


22 Parameter now
with P-LCC & PDW %

and PLT extended
count <50x109/L

THE Leading


Medonic M-series
M32 Innovation
   built on total quality

M32B TFT base model
M32M Micro Pipette Adapter
M32C Closed tube & MPA
M32S Autoloader& MPA


All Medonic instruments are
equipped with high-precision,
zero maintenance shear valves,
that come with a
full 3-year wararnty!

Medonic M32-Series
3-Differntial Hematology
Analyzer: Beyond compromise


Shear Valve: High Precision With Zero Maintenance
High-precision shear valve

SmartLyte© & ProLyte©:

ISE Electrolyte Analyzer

The World’s Most Reliable
Electrolyte Analyzer

The Diamond Diagnostics SmartLyte Electrolyte Analyzer is a completely automated system measuring Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++ and Li+ in whole blood, serum, plasma and urine utilizing Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology. The Diamond SmartLyte is uniquely designed with a powerful microprocessor allowing for easy interface with external LIS systems, operation with a full keyboard and bar code scanner and storage and retrieval of over 1000 patient results. The system currently operates in over 10 languages and offers laboratories the option to utilize the analyzer for either human or veterinary applications.



Smartlyte ElectroLyte Analyzer

Omega Diagnostics:
Reagents and Instrumentation

 Omega Diagnostics is one of the worlds leading manufactureres of Serology and Immunology reagents, including parameters such as ASO, CRP, RF, Widal or STD parameters such as RPR and TPHA.

The Visitec line offers single test cassettes for perameters such as Dengue, HepBAg, Leptospirosis, Malaria or HIV.

Omega Widal Test

Advanced Food Sensitivity testing:

FoodPrint© and  FoodDetective©

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences is a company  within the
Omega Group.

It offers OTC and laboratory testing for food sensitivity, including Coeliac Disease.

From general practictioners to nutritionists and sports medicine, a wide variety of medical professional use the FoodDetective testing.


CNS Food Sensitivity Testing

Macherey Nagel

Uryxxon© Urine Strip Analzyers

High Quality Urine Testing building on almost 100 years of experience:

Uryxxon© Relax
Uryxxon© 500

German Quality you can trust!
Now with NEW QC reagents for Urine test strips and reader

Uryxxon 500 Fully Automated Urine Analyzer

Advanced Food Sensitivity testing:


Cambridge Nutritional Sciences offeres a Microarray trasting of up to 220 antigens related to Food Sensitivity.

The proprietary system is unique and offer a fast testing for wide variety of food related ailments.


CNS Gene Array Food Testing


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